I'm back!

2017-06-10 15:37:48 by Flashnet

Havn't logged into Newgrounds since 2013. It has been quite a downfall with the decline of Flash player in general, and Newgrounds lackluster attempt to get a showreel on YouTube. Seems like it may never be the same.

Regardless, I have taken interest in pursuing a better understanding drawing such as composition, anatomy, perspective, lighting and coloring. Newgrounds seem to have a very nice forum for exactly this :) .

- NicĀ 

Deleting flashes and new flash!

2007-07-18 14:52:14 by Flashnet

The new NG is swell. I like the fact that you don't have to rename your movies and wait 'till Wade shows up and delete them, which he actually never did.
There is still this flash that I am not able to delete, the only button is "Edit" and not "Edit | Remove", how come ?

Anyways it's been long time since I worked on my project now, I'm just lazing out I think, I have had a big break with flash, I am not sure if I'll ever start again... it's this new hobby called "Pyrotechnics" that has been keeping me busy.
Here's a screenshot for y'all:

Deleting flashes and new flash!